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We are pleased to offer a complete range of IT solutions for your business. We use our combined 20 years experience to plan your IT requirements and deliver them within budget and with the minimum of hassle.

All solutions can be backed up by our managed IT support service too, so whether you need on-site or off-site support we can help.

We work with businesses of varying sizes all over London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and the South East.

We have our main office in Hertford and can be visited on an appointment only basis – we are happy to come to you!

Take a look at what we offer below

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IT Project Consultation & Implementation

Our core IT Solution is to work with you, advising and planning the best ways to maximise investment in IT systems.

We not only work with you to plan roll out of IT systems but we also implement these systems at your business location. Our specialist engineers will implement your IT upgrades with the minimum inturruption to your business.

Our procurement service enables you to purchase the right IT equipment at discounted prices that work within the plans we have drawn up.

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IT Support Solutions

We offer IT Support to businesses up and down the country. From local shops with 1 or 2 computers up to office suites with 25 users or more.

Our IT Support is friendly and reliable, talking to our engineers on the phone or by email, most issues can be fixed remotely which saves time and gets you back up and running quickly, this also helps to reduce the overall cost of this service which we pass back onto you.

We carry out on-site fault fixing and upgrades too and these visits can be included in your package.

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Exchange Email

At the heart of every business these days is an email address. There are lots of services out there which range from free to cheap. We believe no email solution is as good as the Microsoft Exchange Email.

Exchange Email enables you to not only sync all sent, received and archive folders between devices but also much more such as contacts sharing, calendar, tasks and spam filters.

Your business will run more efficiently when your team can action emails individually, preventing a clogged ‘[email protected]’ or ‘[email protected]’ email address.

image showing cloud computer services graphically

Cloud Hosting & Cloud Servers

Our Cloud Hosting service can cater for your website, email, storage, software applications and more. They are totally flexible and have the advantage of being off-site so you can reduce hardware cost and engery consumption.

VPS & Dedicated servers are also available from us. We have teamed up with a large, award winning UK based datacentre to provide VPS and Dedicated servers with near 100% uptime guarantees, backed up by our own support and the support of the datacentre technicians.

leased line communications, dedicated internet, fibre broadband

Leased Line Communications

Dedicated and Fixed-bandwidth data connections for connections to the Internet, carrying of phone calls, reserved solely for your use.

Our Leased Lines are real BT lines and can be scaled up and down, from 10mbps to 10,000mbps at less than half the cost of going directly to BT or Talk Talk.

image showing granstream voip phone and person using it

VOIP Telephone Solutions

We make use of the growing technology behind merging your phone system with your internal and external networks. Your phone system can share the same cabling and network with calls routed through an external service.

We have teamed up with one of the largest VOIP phone line providers, so we can supply your phone numbers, voicemail, cut your call costs and provide the hardware you need.

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We can supply you with a full suite of software for your PCs to help you get the job done!

This includes Microsoft Office, Accounting packages, CAD and reliable Anti-virus software

We can manage these off-site and provide updates when available. We can also help you integrate the software with your existing systems or new systems as you grow.

crm systems, customer service training

CRM Systems and Training

We have worked with a number of businesses on improving the efficiency of their sales teams and have come up with an easy to use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system from our preferred supplier CapsuleCRM in the UK.

We offer training and basic support for this product. It’s amazing how well this can remove all ‘post-it’ notes from your desk and get it all into an easily manageable system with daily tasks. Reduce stress and increase productivity.

image showing a range of domain names in colour

Domain Names

Your business will need a domain name if you are using email and have a website. It will help you to stand out from the competition.

We can register and renew domain names on your behalf, instantly and hassle free.

We also handle moving domain names between providers and ensure this is done correctly